What happens when I click "use same info"?

When you select "use same info" you will be able to change the data relating to a specific party description by the data that you input in the questionnaire relating to the document that you want to create. This can be a very useful tool and can save you lots of time.

By way of example, let's say that you are busy preparing a transaction pack that contains 7 documents in the pack. On document number 6 you chose to "use same info". While working through the document questionnaire of document 6, you realise that the registration number of one of the Parties is entered incorrectly. You can now correct the registration number in document number 6 and update the other documents with the correct info with the touch of a button!

So where is the button located???

Go to the view documents page and select the package that you are busy with. You will notice that there is an option to "update all documents". By clicking this option, all documents will be processed again and updated with the correct information.

You can also update only specific individual documents with the changed data by selecting the "update document" option provided on the specific document.

What happens when I click "copy the info"?

When you select this option the system will make a copy of the data linked to the specific "party description" and the document's questionnaire will be populated with the data that you selected.

If during the completion of the questionnaire you change data that is also contained in the documents that used the same data (i.e. "party description") you will not be able to update these documents with the changed data because you are now working with a copy of the data.