Let's say you know that somewhere in your Contracts.Tech central contract repository is an agreement that was signed with a wet ink signature, scanned and data captured on the Contract.Tech platform and that this agreement contained a condition precedent that a payment guarantee must be provided by XYZ (Pty) Ltd before a certain date. 

You simply search "XYZ (Pty) Ltd payment guarantee", and the AI Smart Search will be able to search within scanned documents in your contract repository and tell you exactly which document contains the applicable condition precedent that makes reference to XYZ (Pty) providing a payment guarantee and what page the condition precedent is located on. As easy as that! You can then immediately download the applicable document and carry on.

Even if you misspelt XYZ (Pty) Ltd, the AI Smart Search will still provide you with close matches and make your life so much easier. 

No more unnecessary digging around in filing cabinets and paging through contracts!